Special Services

A marriage, the birth of a baby and the death of a loved one are the most important moments in life. The Church has always been the natural place for them, and for many people today, that very much remains the case. The sense of mystery present and also the eternal perspective of this life takes on its richest dimension.

St John’s, so well known and loved, is particularly well suited in Isleworth. And St John’s Hall can be the ideal place for a cup of tea and cake, or for a drink and buffet, or a sit down function with dancing afterwards – whatever is appropriate for the occasion.

The first thing you should do is to contact the Vicar. Each occasion is unique and, to make sure it will be as you would want, it is always best to discuss things as early as possible. There are (in particular for a wedding) legalities which have to be met – the Church of England website should have all you will need to know.

There are fixed fees for weddings and funerals – which we have to pass on to the Diocese of London. There is no set charge for a Baptism and a Thanksgivings after a birth – although a donation is always much appreciated.