Many people give time into church life in many ways and we value everyone’s contributions, big or small.

Here are just 10 ways you might like to get involved:

  • Reading the Bible or Praying in church services
  • Arranging flowers at St John’s
  • Serving Tea and Coffee after the service
  • Playing music and singing
  • Welcoming people as they arrive at church
  • Cooking food at our winter shelter project for rough sleepers
  • Providing donations for the foodbank
  • Helping in some way with the children and young people
  • Setting up and operating the sound and display system in church services
  • Helping with the team who look after the grounds around the churches

There are other ways to give your time and some people feel a passion to serve in church in a particular way. If so, we’d love to hear about it. Please contact the vicar to talk about the possibilities.


Firstly, thank you for the way in which you support the foodbank, we could not help the number of people we do without your invaluable support. Christmas is a particularly difficult time for those that find themselves in financial difficulty. One of the things we love to be able to do is give all our Foodbank guests a Christmas hamper goodie bag full of lovely things they can enjoy over Christmas.

If you would like to contribute to these hampers, below is the list of the things we are asking for [UPDATE: Thank you! These hampers were made up and distributed on 16 December 2018 – new list to be given soon]:
Box of chocolates/Tin of biscuits/Savoury crackers/cheese straws/pretzels/nice crisps/Pringles/Selection box for children/Chocolate santas/Chocolate coins/sweets appropriate for children/Pens/colouring books/games for children/Crackers/Christmas pudding/Cranberry jelly/Tinned ham and tinned salmon/Christmas cake/Nice toiletries (for men and women)

With love and thanks from the Foodbank Team
(Felix, Sue, Avril, Eileen, Jonty and Anna)


We have a vision to expand and develop the work of the church in Isleworth and we want to offer excellence in our provision to people of all ages and backgrounds.

It currently costs about £2000 per week to run St John’s with St Mary’s. This includes the cost of a full time vicar with housing, and we also employ a part time Youth and Children’s Team Leader, and like any charity we have costs around maintenance, utilities and heating. Our church hall provides us with some income, but we are still “subsidised” by the generosity of other Christians in other parts of London as we are not yet paying our own way as a church.

Please consider giving financially into the work of the church. Giving into church should be cheerful and open-handed, a reflection of God’s generosity to each of us and an integral part of our worship. The “amount” is less important than the “heart” and we are grateful for any amount given.


Here are four ways to get you thinking about how you might give financially:


The Bible says we are stewards of the good things we receive from God, including our money. For some Christians this idea prompts us to give back to God a proportion of our income into the church. This might be 10% of income or more or less depending on circumstances.


For others, it might be easier to think of giving into church much like a subscription to a club membership. If that’s you, we would ask you to consider giving at least £30 per earner per household per month depending on circumstances.


Others may give into church life when they can afford to or on an occasional or seasonal basis. For example, they may choose to give into the church offering baskets on the Sundays when they attend.

Special Occasions

There are some people who give directly towards particular projects or events. They may pay for needed new church equipment or furniture or resources, or they may give special amounts at Christmas or at the birth of a child or in memory of a loved one. Related to this, some people organise leaving a legacy for the church in their will.

We are very grateful to those that give financially into the life of the church in any or some or all of these ways.  However, as with any charity, it is helpful for us to budget effectively from regular donations. Please consider giving regularly if you are able by filling out a standing order form and returning this to our treasurer.

If you want to make a one-off donation or enter into a standing order, please use these details:

Barclays Bank plc
210 High Street
Hounslow TW3 1DL

Sort Code: 20-42-73
Account number: 60709522

Please download our Gift Aid and Standing Order Form and return it signed, to Brian Grumbridge.