As Christians, we want to grow in our understanding and worship of God and love for Him, his world and for other people. Some people are keen to explore the Christian faith further for themselves even if they are not sure of their own beliefs. Attending church services, giving financially and giving your time to serve in the community are vital ways to grow in faith. We would also encourage our regular church attenders to consider engaging in other ways too. Please contact the vicar for more information on any of the following.

Small Groups

One of the best ways to explore the faith and study the Bible is with others in a small group that meets away from usual Sunday services. Groups often meet every other week or monthly, sometimes during weekdays or in the evening. There is an occasional women’s group and men’s group too. There are also short courses for those exploring the faith.


Praying is not easy but it is a crucial part of how we relate to God. There are weekly opportunities to pray together at our advertised services. There is a monthly prayer meeting on Wednesday evenings, and there are termly quiet and reflective mornings. At different times of the year there will be opportunities to develop your prayer life as an individual or in groups through teaching and events.

Personal Study

There are many resources, websites, podcasts and books available to aid in personal study and growth in the Christian faith. Sermons are recorded and some people may choose to listen to these at times other than Sunday mornings. Others appreciate the chance to explore tough questions of faith through one-to-one discussion or further reading.

Request access to recent recordings of the sermons preached at our Sunday services


Some members of the community may want to explore Christian leadership either informally within the parish, or more formally through a process of discernment about lay or ordained vocations in the Church of England.

The Shelter Project

The Shelter Project runs on Wednesday evenings throughout December and January. We are looking for volunteers to help in the evenings with meals or serving guests, with breakfast, or even stay overnight with the guests. Email Mike Jefferies for details of how to be involved.