Your personal data at St John’s with St Mary’s

Your privacy matters and we want to communicate with church members in a way which has their consent, and which is in line with UK law on data protection.

If you attend St John’s or St Mary’s and would be willing for us to hold your data and communicate with you about church, please use this link to complete our online form giving consent, if you have not already done so.

You can find out more about how we use your data from our Privacy Notice which is also available from the Parish Office. Your personal data will be kept behind a password protected system. You can withdraw or change your consent at any time by using the contact page, contacting the staff team at or by phoning and leaving a message at 020 8560 9226. Once you have withdrawn your consent we will no longer process your personal data from that point, but this does not affect data that has already been processed prior to this point.