St John the Baptist has a fascinating history starting in the late 19th century. The ceremony of laying the first stone was held on 25 June 1855, and the consecration took place on 7 August 1856. The first vicar, Rev John Yarker was instituted on 26 September 1856.

The carvings on the pulpit are a replica of the shape of the windows, in St John’s. In the same way the windows bring in light, the preacher sheds light on the Gospel from the pulpit.

The baptismal font is positioned near the door of the church, as it is usually the first life event of the church-goer. Our font has an inscription at its base that reads:

The Font and Communion Plate of this Church were presented by the Parishioners of Isleworth as a memorial of respect to the
Revd Henry Glossop A.M. who resigned his Cure in October 1854,
after being 33 years Vicar of Isleworth.

The east window, above the altar, was gifted to St John’s in 1858 and depicts 14 scenes from Holy Week, including: the Last Supper, Jesus washing the disciples’ feet, Jesus praying while the disciples sleep, the kiss of Judas, Simon helping to carry the cross, Jesus on the cross, and Christ triumphant. Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John, writers of the four Gospels, are also depicted near the top of the window.

(Taken from The Story of St John the Baptist by Brian Grumbridge – please contact us for details on purchasing a copy of this book if you are interested)


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