Brian Houston Live – Sunday 5th June

Way back in 2009, Rachel and I came back to the UK to live after three years in Brazil working for Rachel’s family’s business. Arriving in London in 2009, I soon realised getting a job was going to be harder than I thought as this was the time of the financial crash. I had several interviews for jobs but wasn’t able to secure work. “If you had come 6 months earlier, we’d have appointed you,” I was helpfully told at one point. Eventually, I was able to find work Teaching English as a Foreign Language, which was what I had been doing in Brazil.
During that difficult time of being unemployed, with concerns about how I was going to support our young family, someone suggested I listen to Brian Houston’s “Gospel Road” album. Brian Houston is from Belfast, a singer/songwriter who has released over 25 albums in a variety of styles including blues, folk, rock and celtic worship music touching on themes of life, death, love, justice, faith and everything in between. I hadn’t heard of him before 2009, but his “Gospel Road” album was so uplifting, it bolstered my faith and encouraged me at a tough time. I was able to see Brian play in London a few years ago, and thanked him personally for how his music had helped me.
Recently I learned Brian was coming through England and I got in touch and was able to book him for a small gig at St John’s on June 5th. This is the Sunday evening after the Platinum Jubilee holiday, so I realise some people may have other plans, but if you would like an uplifting and informative evening to round out a fun weekend, please do come along. I think it will be just Brian (eg without a band), with his trusty guitar and harmonica, with lots of stories and insights to share. In addition, our very own Gareth Hanekom will strum a few songs in support of Brian. We will also have a short interview with Rev Sergiy Diduk, a local Church of England minister who comes from the Ukraine. He will share a bit about the needs of Ukranian refugees and provide an update on the situation there. The event starts at 7:30pm, tickets cost £12, concessions £6. For more info and to book tickets please do get in touch with me, or click here:

David Maclure