The Faith Stories Of Andrew, Andrea And Olivia

This Sunday, seven members of our community will be confirmed in the faith at a service at St John’s. Andrea, Andrew and Olivia are some of our young people being confirmed and they share a bit about their faith journey here:
Andrew Bucko:
I am thankful for my family which raised me in the Christian faith, and thankful for the church schools I have attended where I have also learned more about Jesus and how to pray. I believe God sent Jesus to the world to help us follow God, and he did this by performing miracles and telling parables. The death of Jesus is essential as it shows us and justifies that Jesus is the Son of God as he comes back to life after dying on the cross. This can also bring comfort – that if people suffer, they know that Jesus suffered with them and for them.
Andrea Bucko: 
I came to believe in God because I was born into a Christian family, and they taught me what I know about God. I am thankful for my family and other people in my life who have helped to raise me in the Christian faith. I think Jesus was an amazing man, a miracle worker – someone to follow who shows us how to be kind to others. Part of the reason why I want to be confirmed is to receive the bread and wine on my own, and feel like I am participating in the service fully and to say that I have chosen the faith for myself.

Olivia Cobb:
One of the main things about St John’s is that I feel I have a church family and something to believe in. It feels like a relaxed place where can I pray. When I was about 4, I wanted to come to the church and learn more about it, so I got my Dad to take me to church. I enjoyed it and wanted to find out more. Nowadays, I enjoy helping out with teas and coffees at church, just not cleaning up (that’s Dad’s job!). I know with being christened that this was my parents’ decision, but by being confirmed, it’s my decision – to worship God for myself. I am looking forward to being confirmed and having my family and church family with me and supporting me on this special day.