Why I Give to the Church

Over the last couple of months in our church services, we’ve wanted to let people know about our financial situation and share a bit about how the money people give helps us all welcome and serve our regulars and guests better. The Parish Giving Scheme makes it easy to set up regular giving online – details at the bottom of the newsletter. Hannah Boulton, our PCC Secretary, explains why she gives regularly to the church.
When we moved to Isleworth ten years ago (where has the time gone!?), we didn’t know the area at all well. We knew we wanted to find a way to join a local community, particularly with a small baby in tow. I suggested we try going to church and went for St John’s as it was just up the road. We didn’t know what we would find, if it would be welcoming or terrifying! What we did find, which you will all be familiar with, was a true community, many different souls with different lives, responsibilities, ages, and outlooks all journeying together both within the church and outside in the area at large.
We became regular churchgoers, and I was asked to join the Parish Council. I knew from experiencing the many activities that the church organised that there must be a ‘cost’ involved but it was only then that I realised the extent of that cost. It made me think about what I could give to ensure that the warm welcome we received could continue to be extended to others. It’s tempting to see the Church of England as a wealthy organisation which should be able to prop up all its parishes. But to me this is not about that wider organisation, it is a local story. Do I value this community on my doorstep, and if I do what can I give in terms of time and money to support it and help it to grow? Of course, these times are tough and likely to become tougher. This is not about wanting to force people to contribute. But if you love the sense of community at St John’s and St Mary’s and you can contribute financially, we can ensure the two parishes continue to serve their diverse communities in the heart of Isleworth.
Hannah Boulton