Public Service Announcement (Again!)

Since March 2020, the church newsletter has often been used to communicate important changes to how we do things at church – usually because of Covid. Let’s hope this may be the last PSA for a while!
● No more Covid guidance. With Boris Johnson bringing an end to all legal restrictions to do with containing the virus, we want to open up our church services to reflect this. At St John’s we have already removed social distancing due to the work being done on our floorboards at the sides of the church. We will continue with communion as we currently offer it for now, but there is now no expectation that anyone has to wear face coverings during the service, including for singing. Nonetheless, spare masks will be available and some people may choose to wear them still. In short, you are free to attend our services with or without face coverings. There will be other minor changes to the services to reflect the greater freedoms. Hand sanitiser will continue to be available too.
At St Mary’s at 9am on Sundays and at St John’s at 9.30am on Wednesdays we are asking people to especially take care. Due to the lower numbers of people attending and with less singing and more social distancing in these services, we hope anyone feeling nervous about attending church will find these services a safer place to be. Given that Covid is still with us and can easily be caught we are asking that everyone in all our services continues to be cautious in how they interact with others. Please do not attend if you feel unwell, and you may want to take a LF test to check you are clear of Covid before coming to church. Can I say a big thank you to our church community for your flexibility, patience and understanding through the last two years – and to the many people who have helped Oli and I think these things through. We’ve done very well to get this far, thanks be to God!
● Praying for Ukraine. With the situation in the Ukraine, the Archbishops have called for a day of prayer this Sunday (28th February). We will be regularly praying for Ukraine in our services and in our online prayer times and I’d encourage everyone to set aside time to pray concerning this tragic conflict.
● Engaging with study and prayer this Lent. The season of Lent begins next week and there are two ways for people to spend extra time in study and prayer with others over the next weeks. Rev Oli will be leading the ‘Connect Group’ in person at the newly refurbished room at the back of St John’s. I will be helping to lead the ‘Living in Love and Faith’ course online on Tuesday evenings from March 8th. You will find further details of these ways to be involved below – please sign up and get involved.  
Dave Maclure