The Family Food Club 2022 – Can You Help?

Have you got some free time to be a driving force in ensuring the Family Food Club continues!? At the beginning of 2021 Rachel Maclure planted the seeds to get the Family Food Club up and running. This project supplied a hot meal, food parcel and children’s activities in an event format for families that needed a helping hand during the summer holidays when free school meals are not available.
Rachel was instrumental in coordinating the project and recruited a small team of volunteers to help source further helpers, raise funds, organise event logistics and most importantly continue the ongoing St John’s relationships with the Family Food Club families. The Family Food Club events ran on one day each week over Easter and Summer 2021 school holidays and there was an additional Christmas hamper outreach. Rachel has been brilliant at maintaining the relationship with the families and keeping in regular contact with them.
With Rachel’s new job and a multitude of other roles in church life, the time has come for this position to be delegated to the existing committee. We are seeking a few dedicated volunteers to join the team to ensure that the Family Food Club moves forward. Do you have spare time that you could give? Tasks include doing the food shop prior to each event, liaising with the families and operational logistics in the build up to the event. Responsibilities would be shared out between the team so hopefully not too much work will fall to just one or two people.
Time wise, the project would be a few hours here and there but obviously more in the lead up to events. We would love to hear from you if you would like to join our fabulous community outreach team and drive the Family Food Club growth into 2022!
Ruth White