Some Changes to Our Services

Hello everyone, I thought I’d take the opportunity to update everyone about a couple of things that will be different about our services this Sunday and in the coming weeks.
● St John’s floorboards. We are having our old floorboards under the pews assessed by the church architect and his team and repairs will need to be made. As a result, most of the side aisles at St John’s will not be in use, nor the area at the back near the donkey. To respond to this change, we will remove the social distancing from the central sections of church at St John’s in order to accommodate more people. We want the church to be welcoming and safe for everyone so although we won’t have social distancing tape on the pews at St John’s, can I ask that everyone continues to use face coverings, unless exempt, throughout the service. And please continue to be considerate of those from differing households by avoiding close contact. Please can I ask that parents and carers ensure their children do not play by the areas of the church which are cordoned off as not in use. For those who may feel anxious about this change at St John’s, you might like to attend St Mary’s at 9am or our St John’s Wednesday service at 9.30am, services with less people attending and more social distancing in place.
● No kids groups next two weeks. At St John’s we will not have children’s groups during the services for the next two weeks, as it is half term. We will also be pausing Family Church for these two weeks.
● Healing Service at St John’s next Sunday. Some of you will know that once a month at the 9am St Mary’s service we focus on praying for God’s healing for us, our families, church, nation and the world. On the 20th February (a week on Sunday) we will have a similar service at 10.30am at St John’s. Instead of Holy Communion available on this Sunday, there will be the chance to come forward to receive a short prayer for healing for you and your household. All of any age are welcome to attend.

● YouTube service changes. Starting from this Sunday we will no longer be producing a YouTube service to be released alongside our Sunday morning services as less and less people are making use of this option. However, we do realise that for some people the YouTube service is an important way to stay connected with the community and so we will put a summary of the Sunday service out on YouTube within the first half of the following week. By releasing the service later, this will give Oli and I the option to film segments of the Sunday services which we can add into our summary, saving us preparation time. Thank you to those who continue to watch!
David Maclure