Pause and Pray During the Week

At the start of the year, I thought it would be good to highlight some of the ways people can attend church and pray during the week between Sundays.
Midweek Communion Service
At 9:30 on Wednesdays at St John’s a few of us meet for a short and simple communion service which lasts just half an hour. I, personally, have found this to be a very fulfilling time in my week across the 7 years I’ve been in Isleworth. It’s a great opportunity to pause and reflect, read and pray, in the middle of a busy week. As part of the service I normally share a fairly short, 5 minute, thought from our Bible readings. This term I wanted to try something a little different – and so, at our Midweek Communion services we will explore the stories behind some of the great Christian hymns, learning about the extraordinary people and situations that gave rise to these well-known songs.
Of course, attending on a Wednesday at 9:30am isn’t possible for many people who work full time. But, it isn’t just retired people who attend. Those who have flexible working hours, or have time after the school run sometimes come along. For others, the fact that the service is less busy than on a Sunday relieves some anxiety about attending church at this time of the pandemic.

Morning Prayer on YouTube
Another way to pause and pray during the week is via Morning Prayer on YouTube. This is an innovation from the time of the lockdowns that we have wanted to keep going. On our YouTube channel, from 8:30am on Tuesdays and Thursdays, a few of us gather online and follow some of the readings set by the Church of England for that day and then pray more generally for ourselves, our church and our world. Each session rarely lasts longer than 25 minutes, and the video remains on our YouTube channel for anyone to watch later. Nobody is compelled to read or pray out loud, indeed you can follow completely anonymously. For some Morning Prayer is just a great little spiritual boost at the start of the working day. Again, all welcome to join.
David Maclure