Generous Food Provision This Christmas

As many of you know, we wanted to provide hampers for local families who may struggle this Christmas, as well as Christmas dinners for the elderly or vulnerable in our community who may be alone on Christmas day. We aimed to raise £475 and thanks to your generosity we met and far surpassed this target! In addition, we were able to secure extra funding from the council so the hampers we provided included a large amount of good quality, new items to hopefully make it a special Christmas for recipients.
Several people from the church community also gave in other ways by buying or donating items, or by sorting the items into the hampers or by delivering the hampers. ‘Stir it up’, a social enterprise based in Brentford, provided recipe bags with fresh ingredients, ‘AmyMeime’, Art Teacher in Enfield (aka Rachel’s sister) made craft bags and donated calendars. All together, the 17 hampers went out to households with a total of 32 adults and 31 children. The feedback has already been very encouraging. “Thank you so much for the goodies, we are really grateful.” / “You have touched our hearts” / “I can’t thank you enough – Merry Christmas and a happy new year!” / “Every time one of the children opened a present from the hamper, they said ‘this is my gift from the church’ while opening it.” When it comes to the Christmas meals, we need to say a big thank you to Richard and Alice from Piptree catering for, once again, giving their time at a busy season to prepare the Christmas dinners for delivery.
Matthew records that when the Magi saw the star, they “rejoiced with exceeding great joy.” To the naked eye, a star can seem small and insignificant. And yet, engulfed by darkness, it can shine so brightly it gives us direction and a change of perspective. We pray that this generous food provision, born out of community spirit and God’s enabling, is the flicker of light that will bring exceeding joy to the recipients, and to us and our community this Christmas.
Thank you everyone at St John’s with St Mary’s!
David and Rachel Maclure