The Next Step For Me in My Journey as a Christian

Luke just before being baptised at the font in St John’s

Luke Thompson has been attending St John’s through the pandemic and decided to get baptised before moving away to a new country. Luke was baptised at our morning service on the 22nd August.
Luke, why have you decided to be baptised now?
I decided to be baptised now because I feel my faith has got a lot stronger over the last couple of years, I want to confirm my faith in Jesus and now feels like the right time to do that. Being baptised feels like the next step for me in my journey as a Christian.
What have you learned by reading the teachings of Jesus?
From reading the teachings of Jesus, I’ve learnt that the love he has for all of us is so strong and it can always comfort us during the worst of times. I learnt that forgiveness is very important, even though it can be very hard. Another important teaching I learnt is that we shouldn’t judge each other, as we all make mistakes and Jesus wants us to learn from them and grow.
What has your experience of St John’s been like this last year?
My experience of St John’s has been very pleasant, I feel I had a nice welcome and the people were very friendly. I haven’t been able to meet everyone as I joined during the lockdown, but it feels like a very close group and a nice Church community to be a part of.
What are your plans for the future?
My plans for the future are to settle in Canada, keep learning from the Bible and to grow as a person. I’d also like to come back to St John’s in the future and meet everyone that I couldn’t whilst we had the lockdown.
We are running an Alpha course this term, which is a great opportunity to prepare for baptism or confirmation as an adult, or just to explore the basics of the Christian faith in a welcoming and friendly environment. Please get in touch with Oli and Dave if you would like to find out more.