The Bike Project

David Young at the bike shed
with one of the recently
donated bikes

What is the Bike Project?

The Bike Project takes second-hand bikes, fixes them up and donates them to refugees and asylum seekers in London and Birmingham. As they explain: “Your support will provide a refugee with a bike, giving them access to food banks, education and vital services. When you are prohibited from working, living on just £37.75 a week… a bike is a lifeline. And a bike is much more than transport, it can be joy and freedom.”

Does it work?

It seems to work very well, and meets a real need! Since 2013, the Bike Project has given away over 7500 bikes to refugees from dozens of countries including Syria, Eritrea and Albania.

How are we involved at St John’s?

Once local people have registered online to donate a bike, they will find St John’s is listed as a local deposit station for their bike. David Young (a bike enthusiast if ever there was one!) coordinates things at this end, by arranging a time to receive the bikes at the shed in the car park of St John’s, next to the hall. When the shed is full, David notifies the Bike Project who send their team with a van to come and take the bikes away to be refurbished and donated to refugees. David says: “At the moment the shed needs to be emptied about once a month – that’s 16 bikes, and more if there are kids bikes. The project definitely seems to be growing.”

How can I be involved?

By donating your unwanted bikes! The pandemic has given many of us in lockdown more chance to clear out garages and sheds – and you may find an unwanted bike or two there. For more information please visit: or contact David Young at / 07917 838447 Please note: we are not able to collect your bikes from your home, they need to be delivered to the shed at the church.