Kids Matter

‘Kids Matter is a Christian charity that engages local churches to equip parents and carers facing disadvantage, with the confidence and skills to enable their children to thrive. It’s co-founder worked for many years as a Child Psychologist and overtime felt that the best and most effective work lied with working with the parents rather than the child. Hence the birth of Kids Matter!

Through a coincidental (possibly God-led!) conversation with Rachel Maclure, I willingly agreed to undertake the KM training as a facilitator. I am a teacher by profession and have had to unlearn many teaching habits and learn new facilitating skills. I’m really enjoying this personal development. This is a voluntary role so I had to think carefully about the commitment and

practicalities of giving of my time. Working with parents facing disadvantage is something that I am passionate about. My own life experiences have been a ‘mixed bag’ and I have a range of friends from all walks of life. At the age of 19 and in need of a home, I was fortunate to be given a council flat on Ivybridge Estate where I lived for 10 years. Looking back, I felt a great sense of safety and security living there with friends and community.

The 4 day training was thorough and supportive. The programme itself incorporates a taster session, 6 weeks covering different topics and a booster session. The content covered in the programme, for me, as a parent makes so much sense. Last week’s session was ‘Play, Encouragement and Listening.’ The discussion that arose from how we listen as parents was

energetic and intriguing. Amazingly, and all credit to Rachel’s brilliant networking, our first programme is full. We are 3 sessions in and it is an honour to be trusted to hear such richness about people’s lives. Another member of our church community has also agreed to train as a facilitator so with God’s blessing we will continue to grow and walk alongside many parents in our community.

Corinna Gregory