R.I.P. Don Adamson 1934-2021

This last Thursday, 27th May, the St Mary’s community said farewell to Don Adamson who died on the 1st May. Please keep them in your prayers, and Don’s wife Audrey as she adjusts to life without Don.

Don was known by everyone as a helpful person. Sometimes that helpfulness wasn’t always, well, completely helpful. A few days ago, I asked Audrey if Don liked gardening – she said, “He liked to help. But sometimes he would pull out the things I had planted.” She also said: “He was once helping me clear out things from the garage, but ended up bringing in more new things than he took away!” Another family member recalled a similar example of Don’s helpfulness: “A recent favourite story was when we would go to visit Don and Audrey and have a cup of tea, but after only two sips if you weren’t careful the cup would be taken away, washed and put back on the shelf! He was always wanting to help.”

But Don’s helpfulness was much more often well-received and appreciated. Don enjoyed dressing up as Father Christmas, not only for children but also the elderly. At church, Don helped with the lawns, as a sidesperson, with counting and banking the collection and in several other ways. Many people have remarked that he was a smartly dressed, polite, courteous and gracious man – always looking to smooth the way for others, particularly for those for whom life was a struggle. For over 10 years he volunteered as a driver taking clients to Homelink day respite centre, always making sure to help the elderly on and off the transport. He would later be a client himself, and continued to be helpful in any way he could when he attended. Audrey says that even over this last year at Dalemead Care Home where Don was resident, he was known for trying to help others – by clearing up plates or finishing jigsaw puzzles. The main way Don tried to live out his Christian faith was in this generous service to others, and what a wonderful legacy that is. Don was one of a kind, and he will be missed by all of us.

David Maclure