Keeping the public informed through lockdown

3 2 1 cut and cue! I have said that phrase many times in my career, you see I work as a television director for BBC World News. The director is the voice in the presenter’s ear, cueing them to speak and letting them know what is happening next. I’m responsible for putting the programme together that’s broadcast, with a team of skilled operational staff to make sure the music plays at the right point, the presenter reads the correct scripts and the guests and reporters from around the world appear at the right time. Live

television has its stressful moments when all the elements don’t come together – we’ve all seen clips of when things have gone wrong!

The past 12 months have been strange. The BBC like most organisations has had to adapt to lockdown conditions. As part of the news team helping to keep the public informed, I was given key worker status. News output was combined for large parts of the day to reduce staffing levels, Perspex screen

dividers were erected in the production gallery to help achieve social distancing and anti-viral wipes were provided for cleaning desks. There have been times when I have felt worried when Covid-19 rates were exponentially rising, but as is written in 1 Peter 5:6-7 casting all my anxiety on God has helped me through it.

I have missed not being able to have face to face contact with family and friends who live far away especially when they’ve been sick or feeling down. Also not being able to give a proper send off to those we have lost has been hard. But taking one day at a time and appreciating God’s beautiful work in nature, such as the signs of spring has kept me going.

Jenny Jefferies