How have our kids found this last year?

Here are a selection of answers from children in the church family to our recent survey about how this last year has been. Some answers have been changed to preserve anonymity. Thank you to everyone who has completed a survey.

What has made you happy this year?

Happy that I got to play a lot at home with my toys. I am pleased I can be with my parents, and I can bake with my Mum. Staying at home watching YouTube. Being with my pets and doing Lego. Staying at home because I don’t like going to school.

What has made you worried or sad this year?

Not seeing my friends or teachers properly. I am sad because I haven’t seen my Granny and Grandpa for a long time. People acting weird. Everyone talking about Covid. Someone in my family losing their job.

Thanks! What are you thankful for this year?

That my Grandparents are still well and that there is a vaccine. Food and water, family and a loving home. For my new baby brother. Being able to go to the park still, and for treats! For making this whole world, and for making the people I love.

Please! Is there anything you would like to ask God to help you with?

The Covid would go away. For God to help children less fortunate than us. To help me sleep better. I really want a dog!