Reflecting on a year in the pandemic

As we approach a year since the first lockdown began on March 23rd 2020 in response to the Covid-19 pandemic, the vicars and churchwardens have worked on a survey for anyone connected to St John’s with St Mary’s to complete. We would love you to take the time to record your feelings, stories, sadnesses and even joys of this last 12 months as well as hopes and fears for the future. You might want to make yourself a cuppa and take the time to do the survey well (perhaps 15 minutes or longer). The aim of this survey is to help you reflect on your own experiences and also for us to hear your stories and learn how we can pray for and support you and the community better. We hope that (with your permission) some of what you write could be shared with others – as a way for us to understand each other better and encourage and pray for one another. However, the survey can be completed anonymously if you prefer, and is available online or on paper. We will also produce a shorter, simpler survey for children from next week.

Our Christian faith provides resources to help us. The practice of lamenting is commended and recorded in the Bible, as a way to respond to God after or through a crisis. In our recent Sunday YouTube services we have also been thinking about thanksgiving and how practices of gratitude can enrich our lives, aid mental health and allow us to connect better with people. The eight survey questions are designed to help us begin to think about some of these areas. It is true that you may not feel now is the time for a survey about the last year. Like me, you may be a bit fed up of any more talk of Covid! This is understandable! And so, there is no deadline for the survey, and we will have it available as a resource for you to use at any time over the next couple of months if you feel you want to look at this later. However, once the lockdown eases there may be even less space in our lives to consider what this year has meant for us, and so now may be just the time to try and reflect wisely on this last year. Please click here to access the survey online.

Dave Maclure