Everyone needs to look after their mental health

We have been running the ‘Looking after your mental health in a pandemic’ course for five months. Here are some of the comments from those who have taken part:

‘I now realise that so many other people feel the same as me, but you would never know! I now know I need to learn to listen, and not assume that everyone is ok!’

‘I wasn’t really struggling with my mental health when I did the course. For me, the most helpful aspect of the course was hearing about someone’s experience with their teenager who really struggles with anxiety, I am now excited about seeing how I can support teenagers and maybe even training as a counsellor…’

‘The course helped me understand why I was struggling in the pandemic (and more about myself) it made me think about how I can help others and not try to fix them.’

Our next course starts on Thursday evening (online) and runs for six weeks. The course is for you if:

▪ You want to understand more of what is happening with your thoughts, emotions and feelings.

▪ You are happy getting to know people around the country (you don’t have to share personal challenges/issues unless you really want to)

▪ You are interested in how faith and our minds are related.

The course is suitable for people who have a diagnosed mental illness or are just interested in finding out more. You can sign up online here or email me at oli@stjohnsisleworth.org.uk if you have any queries.

Oli Douglas-Pennant

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