Christmas Dinner on Wheels

Trays of Christmas Dinners
being prepared for distribution

Under normal circumstances, some of us from St John’s with St Mary’s enjoy Christmas lunch together in the hall with anyone who would otherwise be alone on Christmas Day. Of course, this couldn’t happen this year so a plan began brewing to take meals to people in their homes.

Piptree Catering, run by Richard and Alice Perry from St John’s, offered a professionally cooked Christmas lunch and Ruth White organised for church families to put together stockings as gifts. Alongside Jackie Fairweather from the St John’s Centre Tuesday Club and other local church leaders, we identified 25 people who would benefit from a meal. Ruth’s neighbours, Ben Williams, Dordie Brett and Rafe Stone were our delivery angels stepping in at the last minute to deliver packages on Christmas Eve after many of us from church were self-isolating.

In addition to the fresh food and the stocking, each household received a frozen meal from Cook in Chiswick. Neil and Chrissie, the owners of Cook, got married at St John’s Church so when they received our application through the Kindness Fund, they said they “couldn’t refuse” the chance to be involved. Each week in November, they supplied us with frozen meals to be distributed to anyone who might benefit from a break from cooking. The meals are high quality dinners and have been well received by members of our congregations, some of whom had caught Covid or were isolating. Altogether, so many people worked tirelessly (and cheerfully!) through December in various ways to ensure Christmas was not cancelled! Thank you so much to everyone involved!

Both Piptree Catering and Cook Chiswick could be good options for you if you fancy a break from cooking. Piptree delivers straight to homes in West London, with discounts for seniors on Sunday Roasts. You can find our more here: To find out about the Cook shop in Chiswick and it’s opening hours, check here:

Rachel Maclure

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