Staying Positive at School during COVID

Peter Hammer is the Assistant Head Teacher at the Blue School with a focus on Character and Community.

As many of you will know from St John’s, my wife is Rachel (it seems to be a very popular name!) and we have two amazing and very sociable children Theo and Marissa. We love spending time out and about Isleworth and the surrounding areas, riding bikes, walking miles and enjoying as much time outdoors as we can. I have been at The Blue School since September 2017. This last year I was teaching Year 5s. They were an amazing group of children, it was just so unfortunate that Covid hit as we didn’t get the opportunity to spend the whole year together.

Due to Covid, this last term has definitely been a challenge. Initially it was odd having separate bubbles, staggered starts to the day, break and lunch times and home times. We also miss our collective worship as a school. This was an important part of the day where we would share time together and with God, although we are just starting to get this back underway in a digital way. The highlight for me each day is being out on South Street taking the children’s temperatures before they come into school, seeing parents and just having a chance to touch base with our wonderful community. It’s been a great chance for me to figure out which of the twins is Cassius and which is Darius Roohi, and which is Milo and which is Finlay Wood! Still not sure I have got it just yet!

The staff and kids at the Blue School are amazing! No matter what the challenge they take it all in their stride and continue to be positive. There are days when the staff and children feel more down, but everyone helps each other and tries to lift each other up when times are tough. I think everyone is hopeful that 2021 will start to see a return to how things used to be as a school. Let’s pray for a safe and prosperous new year that brings the community together.