Watch, Wait and Hope

Cath Sales’ “Watch, Wait and Hope” Journal

“I’ve really enjoyed facilitating the sessions and have felt the leading of the Holy Spirit in so many ways, including the contributions of everyone in the group. I’ve been struck by how much real-life wisdom and experience has been shared and discovered. It has felt very rich and a privilege for me to be involved.”

Rachel Michael summarised above her experience of leading 6 bespoke Zoom sessions around the topic of Thankfulness. This course grew out of the Book Club which was started at the beginning of April when the first lockdown was announced. Having now journeyed together for 8 months (!) next week we come to the end of the formal part of our gatherings with the final session on Zoom. But, our group of 5 will not disband! Our relationships, no doubt, will endure. We have shared enough laughter, heartache and history to ensure our bonds are likely to build, not break, over time.

One of the ways we would like to stay ‘together but apart’ is to spend the season of advent doing some journaling together. We want to carry on the theme of Thankfulness, but also meditate on and prepare for the coming of Emmanuel – God with us. We will be using Cath Sales’ ‘Watch, Wait and Hope’ Journal and we would like to invite anyone to join us! For 24 days, starting from December 1st, we are given a Bible passage to read, some questions to consider, and a section to respond with thankfulness and prayer. The readings are based around the Advent Wreath so if you’ve ever been curious to learn more about that tradition we observe in church – now is your chance! Plus, it’s beautifully laid out! If you would like to understand more about this idea and what is involved please be in touch. If you would like a copy of the journal please email or text me by Tuesday 17th November so I can put in a bulk order. The Church are happy to pay, but a donation of £10 towards the costs would be very welcome!

Rachel Maclure