Looking After Your Mental Health in a Pandemic

Everyone’s mental health has been affected by the pandemic, it is like the cracks (which we all have!) that were already there have opened a little bit wider. My aim for this course is simply to help.

The course has been designed for everyone, whether you have a diagnosed condition or are just interested in finding out more. If you aren’t sure if the course is for you feel free try out the first session.

I will be making use of a range of secular and biblical material. The course will be run online and will involve short videos and discussion. The sessions will be hosted by myself and Elle Randall with input from others. Alongside this there will completely optional opportunities for prayer and very simple activities to try out between sessions (taking less than half an hour each week). We will also be able to direct participants to sources of further support if required during and after the course.

We will ask all those involved in the course to agree to keeping anything shared completely confidential and we will not share any personal information (including your involvement with the course) with others (except in the event of a serious Safeguarding Concern).

Many people in the church have been so open speaking about their mental health in the last few months. Can I ask you to consider joining this course, taking the courageous step of saying you would like help with your mental health? The course begins this Thursday evening and lasts 6 weeks.

Do get in touch with me to find out more (oli@stjohnsisleworth.org.uk) or directly sign up for the course online.

Rev Oli Douglas-Pennant