Children and Youth at St John’s with St Mary’s

Meda and Charis were helping to get the
bags ready for church a few days ago

Although it is not yet ‘life as we know it’ for the children at church, due to being unable to offer groups each Sunday for social distancing reasons, we do have some exciting plans to help us reach out and involve younger members of the congregation.

For families visiting St John’s on a Sunday there will be special activity bags containing some sensory items to play with and a booklet of worksheets based on the theme of the sermon series. These will be kept at the church for kids to access each time they visit. If families who prefer not to attend live services would like activity bags or materials to complete at home then please let Rach Maclure or myself know and we can arrange to provide this. In addition, within our Sunday morning church services, both live and online, we will include a short segment specifically directed towards the children. This may be about an activity/craft that families can do at home, or it may be a thought or story related to the main sermon topic for the day. We hope to also include some pictures or videos for everyone to see of things the children have created either in services or at home, so the kids have a chance to show us what they’ve been up to, as they used to do before lockdown. We hope to make this as engaging and interactive as possible for the children so that they still feel involved in church life.

In addition to this, Rach Maclure and I will be starting up Story Time from this Sunday evening which will be on Facebook live and this will involve a short story, show and tell and a simple mindfulness/prayer task to round off a Sunday evening. We’d love families to tune in!

Finally, we are starting up Youth Hub on Tuesday evening again with social distancing in place but hopefully still a lot of fun!

Rachel Burnell