Journeying Together, Glimpsing Hope

Rachel Maclure shares her thoughts about an online book group that has been helpful for some women over the last few months. The group were reading Christian writer Ann Voskamp’s book A Thousand Gifts. 

As we emerge out of lockdown, I wonder what things you will carry through to the ‘new normal’ as treasures you don’t want to leave behind? For me, being in a book club with four ladies from church was a ‘ruby in the rubble’. Against all odds, we got to know each other better, had robust discussions about God and His plans for us, and somehow got a little glimpse of hope. We continue committed to journeying together. We are going through the book again, being guided by Rachel Michael in slow, meditative sessions. Whatever the ‘new normal’ brings, we want to face it with a fresh, godly perspective. 

Mary says: The book club has been a blessing during lockdown. It’s meant contact with others from church, being able to feel a connection with our faith, going through this book together. We were able to get to know others in a way we hadn’t necessarily done before and experiencing joy within the group. 

Katy says: The book guided me through a time of frightening stillness and made me stop and see the beauty in it. The group gave me laughter and a connection with church that I missed and maybe didn’t realise how big a role it plays in my life. 

Corinna says: As we all retreated into a world of lockdown, the book was a punchy and vibrant reminder of all that is offered to be grateful in God’s world. I looked at the often overlooked, like leaves and trees and listened more closely to birdsong. I sat and chatted more attentively with my children, listened to what was said and observed the unsaid. Meeting together on Zoom gave an opportunity to feel safe and talk freely about all these things whilst reflecting confidentiality. It was a real blessing.