Generous Living

The government has been encouraging us to “eat out to help out” through August with half priced meals in many restaurants available Mondays to Wednesdays. The idea is to get people spending and increase confidence in going out again. If we have the means to spend again after 4 months of lockdown, might there be other ways we can give to help out? As Christians, we look to a good and generous God who offers us life, family, community and every good thing in Jesus – and there is the call for us to reflect that generosity in our own lives to others, particularly those who are finding life hard at this time.

To help us think through these things in August, we have invited speakers from organisations reaching out to others in courageous and creative ways in the spirit of God’s generosity. One of the advantages of preparing services online is that it can be easier to organise visiting speakers for our church, as they can join in virtually!

The videos of the interviews and talks will remain on our YouTube channel and can be watched anytime. On August 2nd, Rachel Maclure introduced the topic with a look at what the Bible says about God’s generous heart. Last week we heard from Emily Howarth from the organisation Home for Good (, learning about their work to find loving homes for vulnerable children, and practical ways for us all to get involved. This week Kath Johnson challenges us in her talk highlighting the work of International Justice Mission (, which seeks to end forms of modern day slavery, for example in the trafficking and abuse of women or in enforced child labour. Next week, we will be hearing from Danny Byrne from Open Doors (, an organisation committed to support Christians around the world who are persecuted for their faith in Jesus. As you listen to our speakers on our YouTube videos, please consider how you might live generously in light of what you have heard – responding in prayer and giving, if you can.

David Maclure