Celebrating a Diamond Wedding Anniversary in Lockdown

Don and Ann received a card from the Queen to mark their anniversary

Don and Ann Johnson have contributed to life at St John’s in so many ways, over so many years. On the 9th July they celebrated their Diamond Wedding Anniversary – and reflect on 60 years of marriage with a few thoughts for us below.

In July 1960 we were married at Nuneaton Parish Church and after the Wedding Breakfast with family and friends we travelled by train via Birmingham to Cheltenham where we rented rooms in a lovely large house for £3 per week (electricity included). At first Don was a mature student and Ann had given up her job for the move. Two years later Ann was working in a research library, Don was teaching in Evesham and we had moved to a village in Worcestershire. Our daughter Helen was born in 1963 and in 1966 we moved to Isleworth for Don to work at the grammar school. Our son Guy was born here in 1967.

Our Anniversaries always fell in term time until retirement so were spent in this area. Our 50th Anniversary was on a Sunday and you can see us in a big St John’s photograph that was taken on that day. We then went to Richmond for a family lunch. On emerald anniversary we celebrated with a visit to Dublin.

We don’t think it easy to give any tips on how to “survive” married life, we think that feeling part of a wider community and contributing to it, is important and the Church is a great help in that respect. We try to live in harmony with and enjoy the world around us and during the past months our garden has been a great solace. Lockdown has been a challenge to anyone who has not considered themselves “elderly” before, but we are blessed with good neighbours who did our shopping in the early weeks, and we also received offers of help from other people in the area and from St John’s. We are very grateful. One of the hymns at our wedding was ‘Lead us heavenly Father’ and we feel we have been led and guided through many situations.

Don and Ann Johnson