Opening Up Our Buildings for Private Prayer

Rob & Olivia

Rob Cobb is a member of St John’s, and attends with his daughter Olivia. Rob has been doing this term’s Alpha course, held online. 

Why did you start attending St John’s? 

It was because of Olivia, my daughter – she really wanted to go. I was a bit apprehensive. Is this going to be good for her? Will she get bored? But she took to it, she absolutely loved it, really wanted to go to Sunday school, and since then she has had a sense of belonging. So we now help out with the kids groups and with teas and coffees. Church is like a second family to us, and we want other people to feel the same way. 

This week’s Alpha video seemed to impact you. What was it about? 

We are near the end of Alpha and this video was about church and why it is important. Watching the video was very emotional for me. It brought it all together for me – how church is about the religious side, but it also spoke about how church is togetherness and love, like an extended family, a safe place for us to be together. That really spoke to me, because that has been my experience. You can watch the video Rob is talking about at this link or join our next Alpha course to find out more!)

What is it about St John’s that has been positive for you?

There is the sense of coming in and being welcomed which reminds me that God welcomes everyone, and it hasn’t ever changed since the first time I went. Whatever issues I’ve had during the week, this is my time to let them out, during prayer, sitting in the pews, listening to the sermon, talking to others. There’s normally something within the service which connects with me and realigns my thoughts for the week. 

What do you miss about normally meeting in church?

I miss seeing all the people, like my second family, even the people I don’t know very well. I miss saying the Lord’s Prayer together, all of us connecting with God all at the same time. It doesn’t seem to work as well when we try and do this together online!