Life in Quarantine

‘Life in Quarantine’ is a series of sessions across six Sundays for our children and young people looking at how, despite lockdown, we are still connected to the church community – both presently and historically. As we reach back in time to glimpse how God used times of isolation in the lives of Bible characters, we can also reach out to each other by sharing what God might be doing in and through us now. 

You can join us in a number of ways. Kids Church is livestreamed on Facebook by the Maclure family from the vicarage at 10.30am on Sunday mornings, then uploaded to our YouTube channel shortly after so those who don’t have Facebook can still tune in. The services are a bit chaotic and rough round the edges. They look a bit like an All Age service at St John’s, so please join us whatever age you are! At 4pm on Sundays, Rachel Burnell leads a short session for older children on Instagram Live (where all the cool kids ‘hang out’). We hope to make her videos available on YouTube too. On 26th April we had our first session of ‘Life in Quarantine’ and looked at the story of Moses, particularly the time he fled Egypt and lived cut off from the society he grew up in. We talked about how Moses was heading for a seemingly ordinary life in this foreign land when God met him in a burning bush. That strange encounter revealed to Moses that God was the Great I Am and Moses’ identity was redefined in the process. Even in the harshest of deserts, there can be beautiful growth that prepares us for the future. It was through his own season in the wilderness that Moses was equipped to lead the Israelites out of Egypt into their own wilderness. 

If you’re able to join us online on either Facebook, Instagram or YouTube do grab a cuppa and a biscuit and tune in. We have 5 more characters planned for the next weeks, so keep on coming back! If you do the craft, please share your artwork with us. If you do not access the internet at home but would like to find out more about the six characters and the resources available, do contact me too.

Rachel Maclure (, 07958067683)