Rembebering our NHS Key Workers

A number of people at church are employed by the NHS in different ways, and are working at the frontline at this time of the Covid-19 (CV19) outbreak. This includes Leila Avery (Ealing), Eddie and Henrietta Manserray (West Mid)Dr Chris (Charing Crossand Dr Lisa Mullington (West Mid)Petra Finn-Zeiser (Hillingdon). Please remember them and others you will know in your prayers. Here are some updates on their situations, used with permission. 

“We are trying to do our best and take each day as it comes. Whitney is home and the boys are doing fine by the grace of God. We have lots of CV19 patients all over the hospital but we will continue to pray and trust by the power of God it will pass.” – Henrietta Manserray 

“We are both in contact with CV19 patients, Chris more so. Chris is a lot busier than I am on a 56 hour a week emergency rota. I’ve stayed part time because I look after Alex but I’ve also been switched onto an emergency rota with 13 hr days or 13 hr nights being the shift pattern. Finding childcare for Alex was a real drama after nursery closed, but we have thankfully now found a childminder.” – Lisa Mullington 

“Thankfully, the Finns can report all good here… Work has been chaotic and unsettling. All teams are working hard to discharge everyone who can be supported and cared for at home to protect them as much as possible and to create bed capacity for the expected increase in CV19 admissions. Community and equipment services are ramping up and increasing capacity. The whole situation feels out of control too, and the fear and worry about our own family’s safety is palpable. At the same the team spirit and support is immense and uplifting. Everyone is mucking in and helping wherever they can and things seem to be happening at breakneck speed across departments. There is a realisation that we are all in this together, no matter what role or rank – everybody’s contribution is vital to make the hospital work. Restaurants and shops bringing in food for supplies for staff, people clapping – makes us both cry and boosts our morale at the same time. If I had to describe this time in one word: SURREAL!” – Petra Finn-Zeiser