Remembering Rev Peter Myles, 1942 – 2020

These last few weeks at St John’s have been emotional to say the least – the shutting down of the church buildings and public gatherings, Arthur Spikins’ death last week and this week the news that Rev Peter Myles, former vicar, had also passed away. Peter was already suffering from Parkinson’s, and died after the coronavirus took its toll on him. His daughter, the actor Sophia Myles, was communicating aspects of his decline through social media and so there has been a little bit of interest in the wider media about Peter. Some of the tributes to Peter from Bishops in the Church of England can be read in this article:

Peter served as vicar at St John’s from 1992 to 2008. He had studied at Kings college, London and St Augustine’s college, Canterbury, before being ordained in 1971. He was a resident of Atfield House Care home in his final months.

Many people in Isleworth remember with appreciation Rev Myles and his time serving here at St John’s. Some of our long-standing church members have special memories of Peter officiating at weddings and at christenings for their children. During his time, Peter helped steer some significant re-ordering to the sanctuary around the altar area of St John’s which we still enjoy today – a raised platform, new carpets and removable rails for communion. 

Les McCallum also remembers Peter’s love of bird-watching as a common interest. Don and Ann Johnson recall: “Peter came to St John’s at a period of uncertainty and together with his then wife Jane worked very hard to reassure his congregation.  He was a dedicated priest for whom pastoral matters would always take precedence over meetings.  To many he became a true friend and will be missed.”

David Maclure