A Wonderful Weekend of Healing and Prayer

I will fondly remember last weekend as a wonderful time of healing and prayer at our church. We held a healing café at St John’s on the Saturday morning, organised by Rev Oli as a part of practical training for those who are attending the School of Radical Discipleship.

We served delicious cakes and hot drinks at the café but more importantly we invited people to attend the café for prayer and for healing. The café was not only available for members of our congregation but also for literally anyone in our community out on the streets. Fortunately, the weather was OK for people to be walking around and wandering into church.

A few of us joined Oli in prayer in the very early hours of the morning. Perhaps that set the tone for a successful morning. We worshipped and prayed before the café opened. Many people came to the café and they were pleased to be prayed for. There was such a peaceful and loving atmosphere in the church. Our offer of prayer was not confined to the church. A few of us went out in pairs to the streets around. It was good that many of us were able to pray with the strangers that we came across. We were encouraged by the number of people that were receptive to prayer and seemed glad that they had been approached.

The healing didn’t stop there! We then had healing services at St Mary’s and St John’s the next day. There have been healing services at St Mary’s for over 3 years and these services are normally well received. People are invited to come forward for prayer and also to be anointed with oil, and so we tried a similar service at St John’s. As part of the service, Veronica shared her story of how God had surprisingly healed her toe. I felt that the presence of Christ and the Holy Spirit was certainly with our church and our community across the weekend.

Gayle Farrell