A Space to Explore and Dig Deeper into Christianity

Alpha is a popular course that explores the basis of the Christian faith. Last autumn we ran an Alpha course for members of St John’s with St Mary’s. Ruth, Veronica and Philippa joined vicars Dave and Oli for the duration of the course which finished last week. For the first half of the course we joined others at Holy Trinity Hounslow on their course every Wednesday evening – but then after Christmas, Ruth kindly hosted us in her home. Each evening involved enjoying food together, watching a video about a topic and then having a discussion. Ruth, Veronica and Philippa reported that the course helped them grow in their Christian faith and they felt they had made new and deeper friendships in the church. They said the course has helped them with their prayer life and feeling a sense of God’s peace in their lives. We will no doubt run Alpha again soon – if you’re interested in joining the next course, please let Dave or Oli know.

Ruth writes

Some of my favourite aspects about Alpha – The bond that the course bought with the group members. The fact that we could ask questions in a trusting environment with no fear of judgement. It was a space to really explore and dig deeper into Christianity. Sometimes church can be quite a passive experience and there are distractions if you have younger children, but this course enabled me to be 100% engaged and involved. Would I invite others on the Alpha course? Possibly, depending on where they are on their journey. I have recommended the course to some people at church.

Philippa writes

As the weeks of Alpha passed, it became quite apparent I was a Christian and always have been. I couldn’t point to the change or realisation, but with the other people that attended Alpha, I found that I felt at home and comfortable in church again, and in attending the Alpha classes I felt warm and happy at each and every class. I really enjoyed the social aspect of Alpha. The vicars that attended and assisted the Alpha groups were friendly. The videos that were shown were very informative and a good guide to help understand the Christian faith without being complex. Any questions asked or topics discussed were not seen as silly. I would be comfortable inviting others on the course.