Christmas Lunch for 400 People!

Eddie, Henrietta and their kids Whitney, Denzel and Reuben

Eddie Manserray and his family have been members of the St John’s community for many years. Eddie is a Catering Supervisor at West Middlesex Hospital, and this last Christmas Day he had a lot of work to do! 

What was Christmas day like for you, Eddie?

I’ve been working at West Mid in catering for over 15 years. It is part of my job to make sure that 400 patients can get their Christmas meals, and I have done this for several years now. On Christmas Eve we prepare a lot of the food, then I come back in at 7am and get the breakfasts out. After that, we prepare the Christmas lunch – with turkey and gammon options as well as vegetarian trays. We have a buffet ready for the afternoon too including for the nurses. We have to time everything carefully because we have a time limit from when the meat is cooked to when it is distributed. Once the staff are taking out the food, I go back home about 3.30pm or 4pm to be with my family for the rest of the day. I had Boxing Day off which is good, but I was back in on the 27th!

What is a normal week like for you, and do you enjoy what you do?

We order three deliveries of food into the hospital each week and our normal menu rotates on a fortnightly basis. The Christmas menu is a special menu of course! I do enjoy what I do – and I find it very fulfilling to organise the food for the patients at the hospital.

How did you celebrate the New Year?

We had lots of family with us on New Year’s day and of course lots of food!  This year for New Year’s eve we joined a few others at St John’s church for a short service to welcome in the new year at midnight, followed by communion. It was a nice time.