Looking Beyond Brexit

Whatever your thoughts about this week’s election result, over the past three years we have all become all too familiar with the political wrangling around Brexit. How can we begin to reflect on the conflicts and dilemmas of our nation from a perspective of faith? 

If this is a missing piece for you, then you might find it helpful to read a contribution by Graham Tomlin, our local area Bishop, who has published a short reflection in which he considers how, from a Christian perspective, we might find ways to move on beyond Brexit and restore our deeply divided nation. After all, church might be one of the only places left in society where people might meet, connect and relate together across political divides. 

Bishop Graham begins by looking back to the time of the Reformation, pointing out that this was also a time that Britain proposed breaking away from a wider European project, seeking to build a new set of relationships around the world while experiencing deep divisions at home. 

The blurb from the book continues…

“The Brexit referendum may have rent the country asunder like no other issue in recent memory, but there are significant resonances with events in the past. Almost 500 years ago, in a sixteenth-century version of Article 50, Britain made a break from Europe. The split did not end the story. In the turmoil that followed, ‘fake news’ spread, families were divided and blood was shed. However, an attempt was made to find a peaceable solution. In this brief but powerful book, Graham Tomlin draws on that history to remind us of the age-old political and spiritual task of harmonising past and future, identity and openness, the local and the universal…. [and futher] the challenge of rising above division, of loving our neighbours – and even our enemies – has never been greater for us all.”

The booklet is available from SPCK for £4.49 and the same material will appear in “The Future of Britain – Anglican reflections on National Identity and European Solidarity,” due to be published in October 2020. In addition, Bishop Graham will be speaking on issues of Brexit at an evening at St Leonard’s Heston at 7.30pm, on the 3rd February 2020, all welcome. 

Rachel Michael