Let Them Give Thanks to the Lord (Psalm 107)

A big thank you to everyone who contributed in any way to our church Thanksgiving lunch. Thanksgiving is commonly celebrated in North America, and we had at least 2 Americans present on the day as well as people from countries in Europe, Africa, Asia and South America. As Christians, gratitude should be a characteristic of our community. We are not just thankful in a general way – we direct our thanks to a good God who invites us to call him “Father” and graciously provides everything we need for life. 

Those who attended the thanksgiving lunch wrote down some of the things they are thankful to God for, words written by young and old and from both St John’s and St Mary’s congregations.

I am thankful for my church, family and friends. I am thankful for my family and God’s provision.
Thank you Lord for the provision of another piano for St Mary’s!
Thank you for giving us a good life and wonderful church people
Thank you for making my daughter so very welcome into your church and all the support and friendship and kindness you show her.
I am thankful for everything!
Thankful for my family, especially my sister in North Carolina this Thanksgiving.
I am thankful for pumpkin pie which we enjoy at Thanksgiving.
Thankful for the diversity of people we have in our church community
Thankful for God’s grace, thankful for life and family
Thank you for the many blessings in my life – for family, friends and health and mostly for the knowledge of your love.
We say thank you for the food and for the chance to be together today. 
I am thankful for my son, my family and friends. Thankful for a roof over our heads and good food.
Thank you for my marriage – totally unexpected and a wonderful change in my life!
Thankful for good health and happiness.