God Changes Everything – Baptism

Sophie and Ella Scurville, and Anna-Lena Finn have been a part of our church community for some years and together with the agreement of their families they have decided to come forward for baptism. Sophie and Anna-Lena have also regularly attended our monthly Flightpath group for kids on Sunday afternoons. Here, the girls explain a little in their own words about why they would like to be baptised.

Sophie – age 11

I like church and have enjoyed meeting new people, and getting to know them. I enjoy Flightpath and sometimes I used to help Martha with the younger kids group at church. Some Sundays I help give out the books at the door with others in my family. I like the talks – and all the different people who come to the front. One of my favourite stories is about Moses leading the people out of Egypt. 

I want to be a Christian. I am happy that I am getting to be baptised. It is nice to be welcomed as another person in the church family and remember Jesus is with you. I like to pray, I sometimes pray The Lord’s Prayer before bed time.

Ella – age 8

I like coming to church. I have enjoyed watching the other baptisms at church. It seems like a celebration and a way to be included and I am looking forward to it for myself. 

Anna-Lena – age 11

I would like to be baptised because I would like to have a closer relationship with God. Also, it would make me feel part of the church. I have chosen this religion because it treats us fairly and I believe in God, I also feel safer in the church because we praise God and worship Him.  It is also really good to know that here is someone to look over us and help and forgive.