Bike Project for Refugees

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About three years ago Tom Gillum asked me if I would like to help with the Bike Project and as he had single handedly built a shed to store soon to be donated bikes I really had to say yes!

I am a keen cyclist and love bikes as some of you will know and have cycled all over the UK and mainland Europe including having scaled many of the Tour de Frances famous mountains. I also have an eye for what is mechanically good, bad or indifferent in a bike, so a natural choice I guess to act as ‘gatekeeper’ for the St Johns ‘hub’.

Bikes are donated here, and I do a basic check that the bike is whole and in fairly sound condition. When we have collected a shed full of bikes I contact the Bike Project who come and collect them.

The bikes are taken to their Deptford workshop where the bikes are repaired and handed to families who need them (there is now a long waiting list) or they are sold via their website to generate funds for the charitable scheme.

So far we have delivered five ‘shedfulls’ of bikes, which at approx 15 per shed gives 75 bikes to date. And once empty it soon fills up again!!

I enjoy meeting the people who are always very proud to hand over their much loved bikes to a good cause. I also enjoy seeing what comes in especially when it is a classic vintage racing bike. But the best was an old red Raleigh Chopper, a bike which now sits in the iconic status bracket amongst cyclists or anyone who grew up in the 70’s (ahem!)

Its a great charity, so if you have any unused bikes which you would like to donate please contact me.

David Young

If you would like to contact David Young about the bike project please email