Letter from Jersey

Greetings from the Osmond family in Jersey!For those that don’t know us we are a family of five consisting of myself Dave, my wife Alice, and our three kids Henry, Eleanor and Imogen, who attended St Johns up until recently for five years or so.

Just before Christmas last year I was offered the opportunity to work out in Jersey with my current employer to help set up a new risk and compliance function. What should have been a difficult decision to accept was surprisingly easy given we were thinking about moving to a quieter and more rural setting anyway. Given the additional challenges we’ve had to face along the way (e.g. finding a house over here, identifying schools, settling into island life) I’ve often reflected that we may have received a ‘helping hand’. Let me explain. Solutions to some of these challenges have often just presented themselves and some may refer to these as instances of ‘fate’ whereas I’d like to think God has been looking out for us, which is a comforting thought.

We have visited the local church in our local village St Mary a few times. The rector Tim is a very colourful character who originally hails from Zimbabwe. Likewise the local parishioners have been extremely welcoming and are very keen to get more youth into church which is evident given the average age of attendees is a lot older than we’re used to. Services are quite challenging as there’s no Toddler Church for the kids but we do our best to keep them quiet(ish!).

Island life is great. Beaches galore and a multitude of kids’ activities right on the doorstep. For those that know us well we’ve also introduced ourselves down at the local pub on a few occasions but obviously do still miss the Red Lion  . Talking of missing things, our greatest loss is you folks and all our family and friends. But we are still in touch and have a visitor/guest list, which is fast filling up over the summer months. I’m likely to be back with work from time to time so I will endeavour to come along on Sundays when I can to say hi. In the meantime I wish everyone all the best and hope to see you soon.

David Osmond