Confirmations at St John’s (Part 2)

This Sunday 16 people will be confirmed in the faith at our St John’s service. Some of our community’s young people explain a little about their faith journey and why they want to be confirmed.

Catherine Bucko writes:
My baptism was a big step in my journey towards God. I am looking forward to my confirmation and can’t wait for that one step closer to God.
The reason I want to be confirmed is because I believe that Christ is Lord and God is the father. Being confirmed would be like affirming my faith in God and showing how much I really love him and am committed to him.

Christopher Manthey-Steel writes:
My Mum and I moved over to St John’s church about 4 ½ years ago and straight away we felt closer to God. I read and write the prayers once a month at St Mary’s and sometimes I read the reading at St John’s. We also have a youth group every Sunday once a month where people of all ages can come together to share their thoughts about God and learn even more.

Denzel Mansarray writes:
At church I learn more about God and Jesus. I also learn some of the stories from the Bible. Another important thing is praying with my family. Praying helps me understand that God is with me whenever I need him. I want to be confirmed to feel more a part of the church and to deepen my relationship to God. Most people take communion and now I will able to participate.

Nelson Maclure writes:
I have been a Christian all my life but in recent years God has shone in the darkness, giving me company and hope. With tests at school coming up he has been the rock that stays strong. One of my friends asked me, ‘Nelson, why are you not stressed about tests’ I answered, ‘Because I know someone who loves me today, yesterday and forever!’ 

Hokulani Honda writes:
I want to be confirmed as it is a step towards independence in terms of my faith, as if I’m taking it into my own hands now. Feeling now that I understand more about God and my faith – confirmation, therefore to me, is a symbol of commitment to God, as well as deepening and cementing my relationship to Him.