Confirmations at St John’s (Part 1)

On May 26th we will welcome Bishop Graham Tomlin to confirm in the faith nine candidates from St John’s with St Mary’s, and six from the Parish of Brentford. This week some of the adults in our own community explain a little about their faith journey and why they want to be confirmed. 

Ruth White writes:
For me, [St John’s] has been an important place to actually spend some time thinking about my faith and relationships with others. Where else really do we get that opportunity? I have been actively involved in the Shelter Project for the past 3 years which has been hugely rewarding and made me appreciate what we can proactively do as a community by following in the steps of Jesus. Being an active member of the Church has become a part of my life and something that I want to continue to do.

Sharleen Tsuchihashi writes:
My journey with God started when my mum became a Christian when I was around 4 years old. I can still vividly remember my mum being baptised at the local swimming pool! It was when our first daughter arrived that I started to feel strongly about the connection my faith and church had been in my own upbringing and how I wanted that to be a part of our children’s experience and journey through life. Coming to St John’s just felt like it was coming home and we loved it from the first service we attended.

Abby Olushola writes:
The things that have been important in my journey towards God are:
Strength – I pray for constant strength. Faith – I believe I can do everything by faith through Jesus Christ. Love – I work towards love because if we love God we will love our neighbours. Peace – to be at peace always no matter what as I know God is always in control.

Stephen Perry writes:
I was baptised when I was a child but my family did not take me to church or study the Bible. I hope being confirmed will strengthen my relationship with God. I started to go to church because I felt lonely but now I have a wonderful church family and I met my fiancé. We are to be married later this year. This is the beginning of a positive new stage in my life.