New Friends and Amazing Experiences on a Fun Weekend Away

Bishop Graham giving his talk

Two weekends ago a few children from St John’s and from other churches travelled to the youth weekend away at a place called Oaklands. Tyler, Chris, Nelson and I really enjoyed it. It was a time to make new friends and come together for fun.

We had long church services everyday – but it was fun. We were separated into groups for us to learn about Jesus, and to play games outdoors. Our reward was sweets! We had 45 minutes between every activity for us to either play in the field or play in the lounge. In the lounge there was ping pong or table football. We also had small club where we could do arts and crafts, play nerf guns or Frisbee.

While we were there we had some amazing experiences. We had the chance to do rock climbing and walking high ropes (which were a lot like “go ape”). There was a game called “escape room,” which you can probably guess what you had to do – you had to escape the room! Some people had the chance of doing mountain boarding.

We slept there for 2 nights. We had special events on both nights. On the first night we had capture the flag and a bonfire, with marshmallows and hot chocolate. On the second night we had movie night. We all voted and picked a movie – “the Space between us,” but many children chose to go back to the lounge to play games.

On the last day (Sunday) we had a proper church service from Bishop Graham. His sermon was about how to follow Jesus closely. Even though it was very long, I found it interesting.

Outside there were spare crates. Many of the kids – including me – enjoyed using the crates in games. We would piece together the crates to make dens. But eventually someone would come and knock it down. Bishop Graham helped us make our last den – a church.

Gloria Maclure