Keep Faith with God Alone

Ahmedabad, India (

My name is Nilay and I moved to the UK with my wife and daughter in 2005 from Ahmedabad, in northern India. I grew up in a Christian home – raised as a fourth generation Christian – and attended church helping in various ways, sometimes singing in the choir. A number of people in my family have been involved in formal ministry in the church over the years. We now live in Hounslow not too far from St Mary’s church. Currently, we are members of a church which has a service every Sunday in our native language. My daughter attends the Green School.

I was interested to read in the newsletter how other people had reached out to God after going through difficult times. Rev David asked me to share my story after we met together. Last year I was having a difficult time in my personal life, in particular with stress at work, which led me to stop going to church for a while. In my personal prayer, I was asking for help from God. I started exploring different churches and St. John’s church was one of the ones I visited. Over the last six months, God has helped me to overcome my situation and comforted me through the worship, the sermons and the community within St. John’s church. I am very thankful to God for the church and the church family here. I would encourage anyone who is going through difficult times to keep faith with God alone.

Although my family is still involved with our other church, I have wanted to get involved at St John’s. This year I had an opportunity to share the love of God through the Shelter Project. This was a wonderful experience for me and I would recommend others get involved in this way if they can.

Nilay Christie