Time to talk about mental health

Time to Talk Day 2019 took place on Thursday 7 February, an initiative which aims to combat stigma and discrimination around mental health. Rev Elis Matthews of St Mary’s Church Osterley produced a spoken word video to accompany the day, the words of which are produced below. 

but we say maybe sometimes talk is priceless
when the voiceless open mouths
make sounds take steps, leaps, bounds

this talk takes the weight from loaded minds
and you can’t find better value than freedom.

This isn’t dogma freedom from stigma is just just gold dust
molten magma relieving pressure from the mind’s volcano
blasting through the same old same old
silent violence of a mind that’s told
you have to keep it bottled up inside. No!

They say talk is cheap and they say time is money
which is kind of funny because it’s time to talk day
so in a roundabout topsy turvy way
the sooner we bust myths we can all cash in
on a commonwealth of talking truth
of me of you embracing vulnerability
so that you see me and I see you
and no one ends up in the ICU
because of being gagged up in our own mind’s cocoon
instead we talk and listen and very soon
we find ourselves less alone less marooned
and more understood and more in tune
with who we are, a family, a platoon
a band of brothers, sisters, edging away from that ledge, 
feeling our feelings, wounded healers, red blood bleeders,
united in humanity, beautiful, broken, precious, free.

They say talk is cheap but we say talk saves lives
so take a breath, send a text,
pick up the phone, you are not alone,
it’s time to talk, who are you going to call?

You can see Elis’ video posted on our church facebook page (www.facebook.com/stjohnsisleworth/). You can also find lots of useful information for starting the mental health conversation at https://www.time-to-change.org.uk/time-talk-dayIf you would like to be part of starting a conversation in our church community around mental health, or for details about other resources from a Christian perspective, please be in touch with David (davidmaclure@gmail.com)