From Isleworth to Italy

Sarah with her Isleworth friends celebrating her 40th.

It’s been 9 months now since we relocated to Italy.  I was offered a new role at work, a great position that came with one catch…it was in Milan.  Sarah and I were up for it and so were the children, and of course Luca has an Italian name (very common in Italy in fact) so it was meant to be.


Things have felt very festive in Milan over the holiday period with plenty of mercatini di Natale to visit (Christmas markets) and lots of panettone to eat.  Christmas officially started on the 8th December with Immaculate Conception and ends on the 6th January after Epiphany.  On the eve of Epiphany, children get sweets and presents in their stockings ‘delivered’ by and old woman called Befana.  Legend has it that Befana provided shelter for the Three Wise Men on their way to see Jesus.  They asked her to accompany them on their journey, but she declined.  Later she had a change of heart and decided to find them but she couldn’t, so to this day, Befana is searching for the little baby.

Christmas aside, we’ve settled in well now and the children are happy in their respective schools/nurseries.  We’re all getting to grips with the language, the children more so. We do miss our friends and the parish community in Isleworth… Although Sarah was lucky enough to see some of the Mums from St John’s in November – Michelle Roberts, Anna Marshall, Mary Potter and Allice Osmond along with some other local Isleworth mums came out to Italy for Sarah’s 40th.  The Dads all got the opportunity to have some quality time with the kids whilst the mums lived-it-up in Milan for the weekend.  A good time was had by all and Sarah was genuinely touched that the girls had made the effort to come and see her, and for us, it’s nice that we still retain links to the community back home.

From Italy, Buon Anno and God bless, 

Matthew Atherfold