Update from Tom and Jo in Nottingham

The Road to Nottingham got us here 9 months ago and it’s been quite a steep learning curve. People (well, most) have been really friendly and encouraging. I know I said I was up for a challenge.


It was wonderful the group from Isleworth came for my licensing back in March, snow and punctures and all. They saw our house, which we are really enjoying and they saw the amazing church where I am Vicar. Tomorrow there is a wedding and they are having the reception in the church. Most people agree we have the stand out venue in Nottingham, the oldest medieval building. It’ll look amazing, and with underfloor heating, no need for coats.

Quite early on, I decided to have some singing lessons. At Evensong twice a week I do the Priest’s part, while the choir does most (they are brilliant.)  I realised some training was essential. I feel a bit like getting I’m getting into a Rolls Royce (not that I ever have) and am terrified of scrunching through the gears. There have been some embarrassing moments. I have told everyone to stop me if I am developing a typical sing song vicar’s voice.

Our church was awarded a grant from the Church Commissioners to develop into a ‘larger resourcing church.’ We’re working on a plan to give that the best chance of happening and when we have, we’ll take on some more staff. I already have a wonderful administrator, Di, who is a huge help.

The family are all well. Joanna has become a governor at a school providing alternative provision. She regularly sees our grandchildren and her mother. My hip has given out so I am getting a replacement in January. But I can still bike around, including onto the Yorkshire Moors where we have been going quite a bit, as we are already ‘half way’ there.

Tom Gillum