A unifying and enjoyable meal that reflected our diversity

Our Churchwardens Brian and Gayle enjoying the lunch

On Sunday 26 November our church met for a delicious Thanksgiving bring and share lunch hosted at St Marys. Our church is comprised of worshipers from diverse backgrounds and many of us brought dishes from our home countries. There were dishes from these parts of the world and maybe more: the UK, India, Hong Kong, Turkey, Brazil, Barbados, Trinidad, South Africa, the Middle East, South Africa, West Africa, Germany, Russia, Philippines, and Tanzania. 

It was obvious that this event generated a lot of excitement beforehand. Perhaps people were excited at the thought of all the tasty dishes being prepared or maybe it was the fact that there was going to be an opportunity to meet, mix and mingle with each other for a few hours.

There was a large turnout. The church was transformed into a banquet hall. Our Vicar blessed the food and gave thanks. He suggested we spend some of the time speaking to someone we didn’t know or know that well. That didn’t seem to be difficult. There was a good atmosphere. People’s plates were soon filled repeatedly. There was lots of laughter and many of us sat at tables chatting with others for the first time. There was light music in the background.

It was generally a buffet type service. Each dish was clearly labelled. Many of us took dishes to the elderly members of the congregation and to those of us who are less abled. There were many children in attendance of all ages. They had a fantastic time, and some of them wrote up ideas of what they were thankful to God for. Some of the older children even provided us with some impromptu musical entertainment. They sang while some of them played the piano, drums and other instruments.

It was a truly unifying and enjoyable event. It was certainly a success. Many people gave big hints that they would like a similar event again. So watch this space!

Gayle Farrell