Mind the Gap… Christian Mindfulness

Iattended the woman’s breakfast in St Mary’s church last Saturday morning, which was my first event exploring mindfulness in a Christian context. I didn’t know what to expect but was open to exploring my faith in a group setting especially knowing that I had a breakfast to eat whilst doing so!

I had visited St Mary’s church only once before. It’s a calm and inviting space with beautiful glass windows, and I remember the sunlight on my face feeling gratitude whilst surrounded by a wonderful community of womenfolk and kindred spirits.

Once inside, volunteers from our church were decorating tables, preparing breakfast and the presentation was being set at the ready. The doors opened at 9.30am, and women from local churches started to come in. There were about 40 to 50 women in the church gathered together to pray, sing and listen to a talk from Rachel Michael on Christian Mindfulness. Gayle from St Mary’s introduced Rachel Michael who explained how she came to guided meditation in a Christian context. Before this, we sang hymns led by the talented Jenny from Immanuel church. During the talk, Rachel led us in guided meditation.

Rachel Maclure closed the talk and we were given a colourful wrist bands to encourage us to remember the practise of mindfulness during the coming days. The wristbands said “Mind the Gap” to help us become aware and attentive to the “gap” between our busy thoughts and the immediate surroundings and around us.

I left feeling at peace and satiated after a hearty breakfast! I look forward to next the one!

Leila Avery